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Sujet : "Pioneer 300 Hawk" posté par limayankee Date : 26-07-2015

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 Auteur Message
limayankee limayankee
26-07-2015 @ 16:25:35 26-07-2015 @ 16:25:35
IP : 90.45.103.*** 90.45.103.***

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sujet posté / Subject post [ Supprimer l'annonce - Ref. : 4548 ] Pioneer 300 Hawk Citer ce message dans votre réponse  / Include this message into your reply 

--> Preowned ultralight - Second hand shop <--

Very nice Pioneer 300 in blue and red, first hand.
Always hangered and treated well.
All inspections done.
No education, no chartering, only used by one owner.

Airframe: 140 h
Engine Rotax 912 ULS: 140 h
Propeller: Idrovario 2- blade constant speed: 140 h

Morenica upholstery and seats 10/10

Blue and Red colored by Mirco Pecorari designer (best aviation world designer).
Covered wings.
Electric elevator and ailerons trim and flaps.

Dynon D100 EFIS
Autopilot 1 axis
Radio Filser ATR500
Transponder Filser TRT800

Parachute Junkers

Best Pioneer 300 actually available in Europe.

--> Preowned ultralight - Second hand shop <--

Telephone : +33549902078

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